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Can Jealousy reveal your passion?

A guide to uncovering yourself by a life coach

Hi, I am Elinam and I am a coach. I help my clients become the best version of themselves by guiding them along the maze of their interest, talents and skills. We delve into your life and we uncover as much as you allow.

I have found that most times, my clients don't want to speak about the negative aspects of the personalities and I am not talking about the generic negatives, e.g. procrastination, indecisiveness or shyness. I am talking about the real ugly stuff.

A lot of people don't even want to admit what makes them envious or jealous. Now, let me tell you something, I am not your regular coach and my methods are eclectic and so are my solutions. So I ask, do you dare? Do you dare to find out how your jealousy can make that picture of your purpose in life less blurry?

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